• Heavy Duty Hollow Wall Anchors by Toggler
  • Holds 2 times more than wing toggles
  • Requires a smaller hole than wing toggles - just 1/2 inch
  • Includes a 3/16"-24 bolt that is 2 1/2 inch long

Item # Description/Size Price Quantity
SnapToggle Anchor 4 Pack
SnapToggle Anchor 100 Pack

    SnapToggle Part Number 24100 BA 3/16 inch - 24 Heavy Duty Toggle Bolt

    See the SnapToggle Technical Bulletin for complete specifications.

    SnapToggle anchor is a heavy duty hollow wall anchor made by Toggler. An innovative new type of anchor that improves on the old wing toggles. The SnapToggle can be used in drywall, gypsum, concrete block - most hollow wall structures.

    The tensile pull-out values are based on the substrate, here are some guidelines from Toggler

    1/2" Drywall holds up to 238 lbs

    5/8" Drywall holds up to 356 lbs

    Concrete Block holds up to 802 lbs