How to keep pictures level on the wall?

We offer no-wire picture hanging systems for wood and metal frames. They have the advantage of keeping pictures permanently level on the wall once hung, and create much less stress on the frame than traditional hook & wire picture hanging methods.

Although no-wire picture hanging systems can take slightly more effort to install and the hardware is a little more expensive on a per picture basis than traditional hook & wire components, picture frames hung with these systems hold up much better over time and require less maintenance than conventional hook & wire hung picture frames.

Many custom framers and professional installers have embraced one or more of these new picture hanging methods and in some cases use no-wire hangers on most of their frames.

No-wire picture hanging systems can be used on just about any picture, but are particularly useful on large or odd-size frames where hook & wire methods perform poorly.

For wood frames take a look at the Wall Buddies hardware and for metal frames the Track Master system or the Wall Buddies Slide-in.

Product List:
track master 5 inch for metal frames

Price: $2.50

8 inch track master for metal frames

Price: $2.95