Item #: HWR-117
  • creates two hanging points for a wired picture frame on a single hook--helping keep the picture straight on the wall
  • 7/8" wide x 3 1/4" long
  • Thickness .05 inch steel
  • two wire supports are spaced about 3'' apart on the hook
  • Hang-Straight Hooks attach to the wall with three 1 3/8" x 16 nails that are included with each hook. This creates a very solid picture support.
Price: $0.75




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    The Hang Straight hook is is often used by professionals in art galleries and museums. The two wire supports keep pictures straight. This heavy duty hanger can be attached with nails or anchors & screws to make a strong, solid art support.

    1. If you are using nails only to attach the hook, hammer in the center nail first, orient the hanger until it is level, then hammer in the remaining two nails.
    2. If you are using the optional plastic anchors and screws, use the lower two holes on the Hang-Straight Hook for this purpose. Mark for the position of the screws, drill or punch 3/16" diameter holes in the wall for the plastic anchors, insert the anchors in the wall and attach the hook using the two screws provided with the anchors.
    3. Screws and nails can be used in conjunction on the hook if desired.
    4. After hanging a picture on a Hang-Straight Picture Hook, check to make sure that the wire is caught on both wire supports.