• Drywall Hooks require no nails or screws - push in with your fingers
  • Holds up to 60 pounds
  • 5/8" wide x 1 3/8" long
Item # Description/Size Price Quantity
Push-in Drywall Hook, Large 60 lb - 10 Pack
Push-in Drywall Hook, Large 60 lb - 100 Pack

    A different design, these hooks are designed for use on drywall (sheetrock) walls only. They require no nails or screws to install. Instead, four very sharp tapered prongs on the back side of the hook easily penetrate into the drywall, holding the hook in place more tenaciously than a nail. The prongs are so sharp, finger pressure alone may be enough to insert these hooks in a wall--occasionally a few final taps with a hammer will be required.

    1. Push the hook into the wall with finger pressure first, pressing down in the direction of the prongs.
    2. If the hook does not seat completely by hand, use a small hammer to tap it down at the raised "shelf" in the middle of the hook above the wire support until the hook is flush with the wall at the top and bottom (the middle section remains raised up).
    3. If you need to remove a Nailess Drywall Hook, use a pliers or vice grips to extract the hook outward at the angle of the prongs.