• large sawtooth hangers with nails for wood frames
  • 5/16" wide x 2 5/8" long
  • nickel finish
Item # Description/Size Price Quantity
Large Sawtooth with Nails - 10 Pack
Large Sawtooth with Nails - 100 Pack
Large Sawtooth with Nails - 1,000 Pack
Large Sawtooth with Nails - 5,000 Pack

    1. Lay frames face down on a blanket or soft surface to attach sawtooth hangers.
    2. Position the sawtooth, centered left-to-right on the top rail, a little down from the top edge. The serrated edge faces down.
    3. Be careful not to break the glass on the frame, if any, when hammering in sawtooth nails. Hammer nails in gently.
    4. Make sure that your nail in the wall is tight and secure before using it to hang a sawtooth equipped frame. Always use a headed nail (not a brad) and position the frame on the nail so that the nail is caught firmly on the sawtooth hanger.