Hang Pictures Without Nail Holes in Walls

  • Change and Rearrange Pictures Easily
  • Hooks fit snugly on traditional picture rail moulding

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wide picture rail hook
Price: $6.95-$43.50
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Item #: HWR-2320 -

narrow picture rail hook
Price: $5.95-$38.50
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Item #: HWR-1926 -

secure brass picture rail hook
Price: $8.75-$52.00
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Item #: HWR-250-BP -

secure nickel picture rail hook
Price: $8.75-$52.00
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Item #: HWR-250-NP -

secure rail hook nails
Price: $1.50
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Item #: HWR-302 -

Although the basic shape or profile of wood picture rail moulding has remained essentially the same over many years, manufacturing variations will occur. On older picture rail moulding, wood shrinkage, paint buildup and other factors can affect picture rail hook fit

There are slight differences in the profiles of the hooks that we supply, often one type of picture rail hook or another will produce a better fit on a given rail. Unfortunately, these manufacturing variations are not within our control and we cannot guarantee that our picture rail moulding hooks will fit on your picture rail moulding.

Picture Rail Hooks Tips

  • If necessary, rail hooks can be bent a little bit with hand pliers to make up for minor picture rail moulding profile variations. Any of the three wider style hooks are easier to bend than the narrow version.
  • Picture rail hooks can be painted the color of the picture rail moulding to make them less noticeable. Most people prefer the appearance of the manufactured finishes.
  • We do not recommend using nylon fishing line (monofilament) to hang pictures from picture rail hooks. This material may stretch under load and eventually break. Use picture wire instead.
  • Rail hooks will hold about 20-25 pounds. Rail hooks are sometimes doubled side-by-side to hang heavier items. Rail hooks should not be used to hang very heavy artwork.