Picture Rail Hooks allow you to hang art without nails or holes in your wall and you can easily rearrange your art as often as you like. Using wire, chain or cord to suspend your art from the hook provides endless ways to create your own gallery.

Imagine, experiment and explore all the ways to hang your art!

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brass picture rail hook
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modern picture rail hook silver
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narrow picture rail hook
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silver picture rail hook narrow slim
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Helpful Tips to create a Picture Rail Gallery:

  • The existing hardware on the back of the frame may work or you many need to add d-rings or screw eyes to attach the wire/chain/cord. Try to attach the hardware to the side rails of the frame to distribute the weight. Only very light weight pieces can hang from the top rail of the frame.
  • To keep the art hanging flat to the wall with no tilt—attach the wire high on the back of the frame
  • Attaching the wire closer to the middle of the frame will cause the frame to tilt forward which may be desirable if the art is above eye level
  • Rail hooks will hold about 20-25 pounds. Heavy items should hang from two hooks to distribute the weight evenly.
  • To hang the wire/cord/chain on the picture rail hook you can loop over the hook, twist around it or use a slip O ring (similar to a key ring) between your chain and the hook
  • If necessary, rail hooks can be bent a little bit with hand pliers to make up for minor picture rail moulding profile variations. The wider style hooks are easier to bend than the narrow version.
  • Picture rail hooks can be painted the color of the picture rail moulding to make them less noticeable.

Although the basic shape or profile of wood picture rail moulding has remained essentially the same over many years, manufacturing variations will occur. On older picture rail moulding, wood shrinkage, paint buildup and other factors can affect picture rail hook fit. We have tested our hooks on both old painted molding and also current new molding and they do fit, however it may vary for you and may require a small amount of bending of the hook.

We stand behind our hardware. If you find they will not work on your molding, we will happily accept a return and refund your money.