• Hardwall Plastic hooks work on concrete, cement, cinder block,thin plaster over concrete, soft smooth brick, softstone and hard wood
  • Surface of the wall must be smooth so the back surface of the hook is in full contact with the wall
  • Maximum Weight 30 pounds
  • No anchors needed, nails are built into hook - all you need is hammer
Item # Description/Size Price Quantity
Hardwall Plastic Hook Large - 10 Pack
Hardwall Plastic Hook Large - 100 Pack
Hardwall Plastic Hook Large - 1,000 Pack

    If the pictures you are hanging are not too heavy or large, Hardwall Plastic Picture Hooks are a great solution for hard-surface walls.  The surface of the wall must be smooth, so that the back surface of the hook is in full contact with the wall. Maximum picture weight is 30 lbs. for the large hook.

    Installation of Hardwall Plastic Hooks is quick and easy and requires only a hammer. Removed hooks leave just four small shallow holes in the wall.

    The weight of the hung object must pull straight down on the hook (parallel to the wall). Because the four self-contained pins on each Hardwall Plastic Picture Hook are driven straight (90°) into the wall, any outward pull on the hook will compromise its holding power and can cause failure.

    Hardwall Plastic Hooks can be used on:

    • concrete (cement)
    • concrete block (cinderblock)
    • thin plaster over concrete
    • soft brick
    • softstone
    • hard wood

    The Plastic Hooks will not work on drywall, traditional lath & plaster, stucco, soft wood, ceramic tile, Formica, hard brick, hard natural stone.

    1. Place the back side of a Hardwall Plastic Hook against the wall, using your thumb and index finger to hold it in position.
    2. Try to keep the hook firmly against the wall and as steady as possible while you hammer in the pins. Watch your fingers!
    3. Hammer all of the pins into the wall simultaneously.
    4. Hammer the pins down firmly, but once they are all flush, stop. Over-hammering "just to be sure" will loosen the hook's hold.
    5. If you need to remove a Hardwall Plastic Hook, slide a thin blade between the wall and the back surface of the hook and pry the hook off gently.
    6. Discard any removed hooks; they should not be reused.