Item #: HWR-202
  • Brick Hooks with Lead Anchor
  • Used on brick, concrete block or concrete walls
  • #10 Lead Anchor and #10 x 1" screw
  • Requires a 5/16" Masonry drill bit to drill the hole for the anchor

Discontinued - No Longer Available

Price: $1.95

    Lead anchors are stronger than plastic anchors, but more expensive. In many applications a plastic anchor will be sufficient, but if you want extra insurance, use a lead anchor hook.

    A hole is drilled into the wall and the anchor is inserted. The picture hook is then attached to the wall by running a screw through the hook and into the anchor. As the screw is tightened, the anchor expands inside the drilled hole, creating a secure hold on the screw while the screw's head holds the hook in place against the wall.

    Whenever possible, drill into a mortar joint for anchors rather than into the masonry material itself. Mortar is softer and less likely to crack. It is also easier to repair and disguise a patched hole in a mortar joint.

    With a masonry bit drill a 5/16 inch hole in wall, a little deeper than length of anchor. Insert anchor provided in hole until flush, tapping in with hammer if necessary. Attach hook with screw provided.