• press in metal hanger for foamboard
  • One hanger will hold up to 1 pound or 2 pounds if you use 2 hangers
  • easily hangs on a nail or screw
  • kwik hanger is the best option if you want to use wire to hang the foamboard
  • 1 1/2"" x 1/2"
Item # Description/Size Price Quantity
Kwik Hanger - 10 Pack
Kwik Hanger - 100 Pack
Kwik Hanger - 1,000 Pack

    Kwik Hangers attach to foamboard by means of four sharp metal prongs on the underside of the hanger and an arrow-point anchor in the center. Once attached, the upper section of the Kwik Hanger is bent back slightly to create a hanging point.

    Foamboard metal hangers can be used on any type of paper-faced foam-centered board that is thick enough to prevent the hanger prongs from penetrating through to the front surface (3/16" minimum overall thickness). If you are dealing with thinner board, use a Zig Zag Plastic Foamboard Hanger.

    Do not attempt to use metal foamboard hangers on hard-faced foamboard such as Gatorboard/Gatorfoam--the hanger prongs cannot penetrate the facing material. For hanging such board or larger/heavier regular foamboard, consider using Light-Duty Cleat Hangers. These metal cleats can be attached to the back of foam-centered board with an adhesive (liquid glue, double-sided foam-backed tape) instead of screws.

    Foamboard metal hangers are designed to hang posters or similar items that have been mounted on foamboard ("foamcore board") or other lightweight backing board but are not framed. 

    • Do not use foamboard metal hangers on any board less than 3/16" thick or the hanger prongs will penetrate through to the front surface.
    • Using two foamboard hangers, each placed on its own picture hook, will keep foamboard-mounted art level when hung.
    • Foamboard metal hangers are light-duty hangers. Do not use them to hang anything weighing over 1 lb. (one hanger) to 2 lbs. (two hangers).
    • Do not attempt to reuse Kwik Hangers after removing them from foamboard--they are designed for one-time use only.
    1. Pencil-mark for the positions of the Kwik Hangers on the back side of the piece foamboard you are hanging.
    2. To attach, lay the foamboard face down on a clean, hard surface. Push the Kwik Hanger down and forward simultaneously, using your thumb and forefinger, until the the underside of the hanger is fully flush against the board surface.
    3. Press down on the Kwik Hanger's arrow-point center anchor with the tip of a flathead screwdriver or similar blunt object to lock the hanger in place.
    4. While holding the locked section of the hanger down in position with one finger, bend the upper portion back slightly so that it is raised about 1/4" off the surface of the board.
    5. If you are using picture wire in combination with Kwik Hangers, place a 2-3" length of sturdy tape crossways over the locked section of each hanger to help hold it in place (see illustration here).
    6. To remove a Kwik Hanger, wiggle it to loosen, then pull out. Discard the used hanger; do not attempt to reuse.