Item #: HWR-175
  • one 48 inch wall cleat
  • four 2 1/2 inch cleats for the art
  • each cleat is 1 1/2 inch wide and 1/4" thick
  • Wall standoff is 1/4 inch
  • Heavy cleats for hanging objects over 100 pounds
  • High strength aluminum, heat treated to T6
  • Aluminum cleats can be used for indoor and outdoor installations
  • A Heavy-Duty Cleat Hanger set includes one long 48 inch extruded aluminum cleat that is mounted on the wall and four short 2 1/2 inch cleats with a matching profile (shape) that are mounted just down from the top edge of the back side of the object being hung.
  • pre-drilled 7/32" holes in cleats will accept up to a #10 pan-head screw
Price: $34.95




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