Item #: SEC-2XBrick
  • Extra T-Lock Hardware Set for Wood Frame installed in Brick or Concrete walls
  • Lead Anchor for installing on brick, concrete block or concrete walls
  • Requires a 5/16" Masonry drill bit to drill the hole for the anchor
  • For Frames over 24" wide, we recommend adding this additional T-head lock to the bottom rail
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    Frames more than 24" wide will benefit from an additional mounting point at the bottom of the frame--one at each corner of the bottom rail rather than just one at the center of the bottom rail--four mounting points total for the frame. This extra hardware is optional, but adding an additional mounting point will make larger frames more stable on the wall as well as more secure.

    Use a 5/16" masonry bit to install the lead anchor.  Drill a 1" deep hole in the brick or concrete and tap the lead anchor into the hole with a hammer.  Insert the t-head security screw and gently screw it into the anchor leaving the security screw head about 3/8 inch out of the wall so the security plate can slip over the t-head screw.