• Corrugated corner protectors for frames and art
  • Adjustable to three depths .5 inch, 1 inch and 1.5 inch
  • Each corner is individually cut - no tearing or separating pieces of cardboard. Our exclusive individual pieces make the folding/assembly quicker than many others that have to be torn and separated first.
  • Front corner has a cardboard flap that folds in to hold the corner securely against the art
  • Clean white surface on the front with no fold or tear marks. Professional transporting, shipping or storing of your art to prevent damage to frames
  • Each corner is 3.75 inches on the sides and 4.50 inches on the diagonal
  • Easy assembly with folding instructions included (also video below)
Item # Description/Size Price Quantity
Corner Protectors - 200 Pack
Corner Protectors - 1000 Pack

    How to Fold Corner Protectors for Frames

    The first one is awkward and requires patience, after that it makes perfect sense and is a Snap!

    Instructions for printing, click here for PDF