• Self Stick Brown Felt Bumper
  • 3/8" in diameter and 1/16"thick

Item Discontinued

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    1. Lay the frame face down on a blanket or soft surface.
    2. The bumper application area on the back side of the frame should be smooth, clean, free of debris, dry, not greasy or oily.
    3. Simply "peel and stick" to apply felt bumpers to the back side of picture frames. Do not touch the bumper's adhesive surface with your fingers.
    4. Place one bumper at each bottom corner of the frame only--bumpers are not needed at the top of frames.
    5. Once in place, do not attempt to reposition felt bumpers--this will ruin the adhesive bond.
    6. On metal frames, apply a small felt bumper on top of the steel corner connecting plate at each of the frame's bottom corners.
    7. On wood frames, apply a felt bumper close to but not over the edge of the frame at each bottom corner. Use larger diameter felt bumpers on wider or larger wood frames to provide more cushioning surface.