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Flush-Mount Plaques or Shelving
Standard or Heavy-Duty Hangers
Scroll Down for Specifications and Instructions

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Standard Keyhole Hanger

Keyhole Hanger


standard keyhole hanger

Qty Sets:

BULK PRICING: $.62 for 25-49 sets • $.59 for 50-99 sets • $.56 for 100 or more sets


Heavy-Duty Keyhole Hanger

HD Keyhole Hanger


heavy-duty keyhole hanger

Qty Sets:

BULK PRICING: $2.05 for 25-49 sets • $1.95 for 50-99 sets • $1.85 for 100 or more sets



Our minimum order is $20.
You may submit an order for less, but a $5 small order fee will be added.
Prefer to order by telephone?
Phone orders accepted Mon-Fri, 10-5 (Eastern Time): 919-732-8364.
Bulk order items are not supplied individually packaged in most cases.
bulk pricing general info


Specifications: Keyhole Hangers

We offer two types of keyhole hangers: standard and heavy-duty. Both function on the same design principle. First, two screws are anchored into the wall with about 1/8" of the screws left protruding. Next, two steel plates with keyhole-shaped holes are attached to the back side of the object to be hung near the top edge. Finally the object is hung on the screws in the wall by letting the protruding heads pass through the wider lower section of the keyhole plates and then catching them on the narrower upper section of the plates as the object being hung is lowered down on the screws.

Keyhole hangers allow items to be hung flush or very close to flush to the wall. If you take the time to make recessed cutouts for the keyhole plates on the back side of whatever you are hanging, the item will appear to "float" on the wall with no visible support.

Cabinets, shelving, wood plaques and signs are frequently hung with keyhole-type hangers.


standard keyhole hanger

heavy-duty keyhole hanger

Standard Keyhole Hanger
Keyhole Hanger - HWR-160
Heavy-Duty Keyhole Hanger
HD Keyhole Hanger - HWR-161
• (2) 1 3/4" x 5/8" x .02" plates
• (4) #6 x 1/2" pan-head screws
• (2) #6 plastic anchors
• (2) #6 x 1" pan-head screws
• (2) 1 5/8" x 5/8" x .08" plates
• (4) #4 x 1/2" flat-head screws
• (4) #6 plain washers
• (2) #6 plastic anchors
• (2) #6 x 1" flat-head screws


The primary difference between the two types of keyhole hangers we offer is the thickness of the hanger plate itself. The Heavy-Duty Keyhole Hanger plate is four times as thick as the Standard Keyhole Hanger plate (.08" vs. .02" thickness), which allows Heavy-Duty Keyhole Hangers to support more weight.


Heavier Wall Anchors Available

For heavier items hung on drywall with Heavy-Duty Keyhole Hangers, we recommend replacing the plastic wall anchors and screws that come with the HWR-161 set with stronger anchors. Three options available from us are (in order of strength):

  • HWR-155 - Heavier #8 plastic wall anchor and larger #8 screw.
  • HWR-187-1 - Strong #6 metal screw-in wall anchor and #6 screw.
  • HWR-186 - Very strong #8 metal screw-in wall anchor and #8 screw.

Call or email us if you'd like a price quote for sets of HWR-161 packaged with one of these three wall anchor options (minimum order quantity 25 sets). Otherwise, order these items as an addition to the HWR-161 sets you need.


keyhole hanger detail 1

keyhole hanger detail 2

HD Keyhole Hanger, Top Side
HD Keyhole Hanger, Bottom Side


keyhole hanger detail 3

keyhole hanger detail 4

HD Hanger with Screws & Washers
HD Hanger with Wall Screw & Anchor


keyhole hanger detail 5

keyhole hanger detail 6

Standard Hanger, Bent to Accept Screw
Standard Hanger with Wall Screw


Instructions: Keyhole Hangers

  1. Lay the object to be hung face down on a blanket or soft surface.
  2. Attach hanger plates at the two top corners using the four 1/2" screws provided. The narrow section of the plate keyhole cutout goes towards the top. Make sure that the two hanger plates are level (equidistant from the top edge of whatever you are hanging).
  3. Keyhole Hangers can be recessed (with a router or by hand using a chisel) to create more strength and produce a completely flush fit against the wall.
  4. Heavy-Duty Hangers Only: Before attaching, place the washers provided underneath the keyhole plates to raise the plates up slightly and make the installation easier. For an extra tight fit, do not use washers.
  5. Standard Hangers Only: After attaching, bend the keyhole end of the plates out slightly to facilitate hanging.
  6. Measure the distance between the centerlines of the two attached hangers.
  7. Transfer this measurement to the wall and drill or punch two 3/16" diameter holes for the plastic anchors. Make sure that these two holes are as level as possible on the wall.
  8. Insert the plastic anchors provided into the holes in the wall by tapping them in lightly with a hammer until flush.
  9. Screw the two 1" screws into the wall anchors, leaving about 1/8" protruding outward from the wall surface.
  10. Hang the object on the wall by aligning it so that the protruding screw heads in the wall enter the wider bottom sections of the keyhole plate openings simultaneously, then lower the object carefully until the screw heads are caught behind the narrower upper sections of the keyhole plate openings.



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