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Unfinished Wood Picture Rail Moulding
Supplied in Convenient 4-5 ft. Lengths
Scroll Down for Specifications and Instructions

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Sorry, wood moulding has been discontinued and is no longer available

Picture Rail Wood Moulding - Select Quality

Select Picture Rail Mldg


per foot
picture rail moulding

BULK PRICING: $1.51 for 100-199 feet • $1.43 for 200-399 feet • $1.35 for 400 or more feet

This item must ship UPS


Also available in price-discounted "Seconds Quality," sold in full bundles only.
more details here

Picture Rail Wood Moulding - Seconds Quality

Part No.
Bundle Qty.
Bundle Price
Order Form
PR Mldg 59" Seconds Bundle
eight 59" lengths
PR Mldg 48" Seconds Bundle
eight 48" lengths
PR Mldg 36" Seconds Bundle
eight 36" lengths
These items must ship UPS

Additional Quantity Discounts on Seconds Quality Bundles
Mix & Match Items MSC-101-36, MSC-101-48, MSC-101-59
Discount Automatically Applied in Shopping Cart
combine 2 to 3 bundles for additional 10% discount
combine 4 to 5 bundles for additional 15% discount
combine 6 to 7 bundles for additional 20% discount
combine 8 bundles or more for additional 25% discount

Recommended Fasteners for Picture Rail Moulding

#6 Metal Screw-In Anchor with 1 1/2" Screw

#6 Anchor 1 1/2


pkg of 5
#6 screw-in anchor

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $1.76 for 10-19 pkgs • $1.67 for 20 or more pkgs


1/8" Diameter x 3" Long Toggle Bolt

1/8 Toggle 3


pkg of 5
1/8 toggle bolt

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $1.48 for 10-19 pkgs • $1.40 for 20 or more pkgs


1/8" Diameter Molly Bolt

1/8 Molly Bolt


pkg of 5
1/8 molly bolt

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $1.76 for 10-19 pkgs • $1.67 for 20 or more pkgs


#8d Bright Finish Nail 2 1/2" Long

8d Finish Nail


pkg of 20
8d finish nails

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $.48 for 10-19 pkgs • $.45 for 20 or more pkgs


#6 x 2 1/4" Square-Drive Trim Screw

#6 Trim Screw


pkg of 10
trim screw

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $.72 for 10-19 pkgs • $.68 for 20 or more pkgs


#1 Square-Drive Bit (for HWR-190 Trim Screw)

#1 Sq Drive Bit


square drive drill bit

Qty Each:

BULK PRICING: $.85 for 6 or more


3/16" Diameter x 2 1/4" Long Phillips-Head Concrete Screw

Concrete Screw Phillips


pkg of 5
concrete screws

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $1.52 for 10-19 pkgs • $1.44 for 20 or more pkgs


5/32" Concrete Screw Drill Bit (for HWR-189 Concrete Screw)

Concrete Drill Bit


concrete drill bit

Qty Each:

BULK PRICING: $4.50 for 6 or more



Our minimum order is $20.
You may submit an order for less, but a $5 small order fee will be added.
Prefer to order by telephone?
Phone orders accepted Mon-Fri, 10-5 (Eastern Time): 919-732-8364.
Bulk order hardware is not supplied individually packaged in most cases.
bulk pricing general info


Specifications: Select Quality Picture Rail Wood Moulding

Our picture rail moulding is unfinished (raw wood) finger-jointed pine, supplied in 5' and 4' long pieces in order to stay within the UPS oversize package limit and keep shipping costs down. An occasional 3' or shorter piece may be included in your order to ship the correct footage.

Finger-jointed picture rail moulding is made up of shorter pieces of lumber glued together using finger joints (see images below). In the lumber business, this type of trim moulding is generally referred to as "paint grade."

All pieces are solid and free from knots or other major defects. We also inspect for twist or warpage before shipment. Some flat bowing along the moulding length (less than 1") is considered acceptable. Minor surface imperfections are also considered acceptable.

Picture rail moulding is 1 3/4" wide (top edge to bottom edge). It is 1/2" thick at the center, flat section where fasteners are used to attach it to the wall. The radius at the top edge where picture rail moulding hooks are placed is 5/16".

If you'd like to receive a small 2-3" long chip of our unfinished picture rail moulding by First Class Mail, call or email us for a free sample.


picture rail moulding 1

Picture Rail Wood Moulding
1 3/4" wide x 4' or 5' length
Picture Rail Mldg - MSC-101


Specifications: Seconds Quality Picture Rail Wood Moulding

The material and dimensional specifications for Seconds Quality Picture Rail Wood Moulding are identical to those given for our Select Quality Picture Rail Wood Moulding above. We only purchase one type from our supplier. In our inspection process we set aside lengths not good enough to sell as Select Quality and offer them in eight-piece bundles as "seconds" at a substantially discounted price. Sorry, we cannot break these bundles.

The most common flaw in Seconds Quality Moulding is a bow of more than 1" along the flat length (usually but not always outward as installed on the wall). Such pieces are a little more troublesome to install than straight pieces, but once attached to the wall they will perform identically. Seconds Quality Moulding may also include some lengths with easily repairable nicks, tear-out or scratches.

Seconds Quality Moulding bundles will not contain any lengths that are warped up-and-down (as installed on the wall), twisted (corkscrewed), split, or pieces with major surface flaws or knots. We only include material that in our judgement is fully usable.

Seconds Quality Picture Rail Moulding Bundles
Part No.
No. Pieces
Total Footage
Basic Discount
Cost per Foot
39.3 feet
32 feet
24 feet
additional quantity discounts available, specified here


• In order to be sure to avoid UPS oversize package/additional handling charges, 5' lengths of Select Picture Rail Moulding are actually supplied at 59" (1" short of 5'). The total footage you receive will always be equal to or slightly exceed the footage you order.

• To prevent shipping damage in transit, Select Picture Rail Moulding orders totaling under 40' are usually shipped in 4' lengths.

• Due to the time required to prepare and custom pack picture rail moulding, there may be a delay of 2-3 days before we ship your order.

• Because of its length, picture rail moulding cannot be delivered through the Postal Service--all orders must ship via UPS only.


Preparation and Finishing

Before installation on the wall, picture rail moulding should first be primed and painted. Kilz or any pigmented shellac primer is a good choice for preparing unfinished pine for painting. Pre-sanding should not be necessary.

Staining is not recommended for our picture rail moulding because the color of the wood will vary with each short finger-jointed piece. This makes achieving a uniform stained finish very difficult. Many people paint picture rail moulding the same color as the wall it is on; others prefer to see it painted a contrasting color.



Picture rail moulding is typically installed about 6" down from the ceiling all around the perimeter of a room. Deviations from this convention can be made if your ceilings are unusually high or low. The moulding should be nailed to the wall studs wherever possible. Failing that, use screws and wall anchors. Fill all nail and screw holes before applying a final coat of paint on the installed moulding.

In most rooms, the line where the ceiling meets the wall is usually not perfectly straight or level. Keep this in mind when installing picture rail moulding. It is usually better to make whatever compensating adjustments are necessary by eye rather than blindly following a level line or a specific measurement down from the ceiling line.

When joining two pieces of picture rail moulding together it is best to use a 45° scarf joint (see photo below). Where two pieces meet at an inside corner, use a "coped joint" for a tight fit (a Google search on this term will yield good explanations and instructions).


picture rail moulding

picture rail moulding scarf joint

Picture Rail Moulding
Scarf Joint


picture rail moulding wide hook

picture rail moulding & hook

Wide Picture Rail Hook
Hook in Position on Moulding


Recommended Fasteners

You can purchase fasteners from us to attach picture rail moulding or buy them elsewhere if you prefer. The composition of your walls, placement and type of studs, weight of objects to be hung and other factors will determine which fastener or combination of fasteners is best for your particular application. Feel free to call or email us if you need advice on this.

Fasteners should penetrate the picture rail moulding at the center, flat area of the moulding. The moulding is a little less than 1/2" thick at this fastener position.

Metal Screw-In Anchor (HWR-187-1.5) - A strong, very easy to use fastener, designed for drywall. Requires only a phillips screwdriver to install in the wall. The screw can be removed from the anchor and reinserted as often as required. Anchors can be removed from the wall in seconds.

Toggle Bolt (HWR-188) - A very strong fastener for drywall or plaster-on-lathe. Requires a fairly large hole to be drilled in the wall. Once installed, the bolt can be loosened but not fully removed without causing the toggle section to fall and be lost behind the wall.

Molly Bolt (HWR-193) - Another very strong fastener for hollow walls. Molly bolts are available in different size ranges for various wall thicknesses--this one is the correct size for attaching picture rail moulding to 1/2" to 5/8" drywall. After installation in the wall, the bolt portion of the Molly can be fully removed and reattached as often as required.

Finish Nail (HWR-191) - Nails are a simple, very inexpensive way to attach picture rail moulding to the wooden studs behind drywall walls. Drilling pilot holes in the moulding is recommended to avoid splitting the wood. Nails must penetrate into the wall studs to be effective.

Trim Screw (HWR-190) - Stronger and easier to remove than nails when used to attach picture rail moulding to wall studs, our 2 1/4" trim screw has a small square-drive head that requires a special but readily available drive bit. You can purchase the correct bit from us here if you wish.

Concrete Screw (HWR-189) - The best choice for attaching picture rail moulding to concrete or concrete block walls. A 1/4" diameter countersunk hole must be made in the moulding for each screw. Also requires a special drill bit for the screw holes in the wall, available from us here if you don't already have one.


Please Note

Be sure to allow for joints and a waste factor when you estimate the picture rail moulding footage you will need for your job. Length are supplied at ± 1/2" as measured. See special note on 5' lengths above.

• If you need specific lengths of moulding for a small job, let us know in the Special Instructions/Comments box on the shopping cart checkout form and we will do our best to accommodate you (Select Quality only). Remember that we cannot ship lengths over 59" long and also keep in mind that Select Picture Rail Moulding orders under 40' total are shipped in 4' lengths to prevent shipping damage in transit.

• Picture rail moulding as we receive it from the our supplier may vary slightly in profile from lot to lot. We do not intermix lots, but we cannot guarantee that material from two separate orders from us will match perfectly.

• All of the Picture Rail Hooks that we supply will fit on our picture rail moulding. Other hooks from other sources may or may not.


Instructions: Picture Rail Wood Moulding
  1. Double check that you have ordered sufficient length for your installation, with allowances for joints and waste.
  2. Prime and paint the face side of the moulding.
  3. Snap a level line or otherwise mark for the position of the moulding on the wall, usually around 6" down from the ceiling line.
  4. Start in one corner, with a simple butt joint up against the corner, and work your way around the room.
  5. Nail or screw picture rail moulding into wall studs wherever possible. Use wall anchors where needed. Countersink all screw or bolt holes.
  6. Use a 45° scarf joint to join picture rail moulding pieces together. Take care to get a nice tight fit.
  7. At inside corners, first prepare a coped joint at the corner end of the piece, then trim the other end to fit.
  8. Fill all nail and screw holes and apply the final coat of paint.
  9. For instructions on how to hang pictures on picture rail moulding, go here.



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