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Super Heavy-Duty Hanging Hardware
For Very Large or Very Heavy Items
• High-capacity four-hole steel mega strap hanger
• Extra-large heavy-gauge steel sawtooth hanger
• Very strong through-the-wall No-Stud wall hook
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mega strap hanger
mega sawtooth hanger
mega no-stud hook
Mega Strap Hanger
Mega Sawtooth Hanger
Mega No-Stud Hook

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Overview: Mega Picture Hanging Hardware

We offer three hardware items specifically designed for extra-large or extra-heavy picture hanging. All are capable of supporting pictures weighing 100 lbs. or more.

Use these Mega Hardware items when you need the ultimate in holding power.

Please keep in mind that all of the hanging hardware components on a given picture must be equally strong or gravity will quickly find the weakest link.

Furthermore, remember that wall condition and the condition of the frame are important considerations when hanging heavy pictures.

Also consider using Cleat Hangers for large or heavy frames.



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mega photo 2
Large/Heavy Picture Installations



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