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Basic Hook & Wire Picture Hanging
Simple to Install, Easy to Remove
• Nickel-plated and brass-plated picture wall hooks
• Proven designs for traditional hook & wire hanging
• Hooks can be doubled to support additional weight
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nickel-plated hook
brass-plated hook
Nickel-Plated Hook
Brass-Plated Hook

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Overview: Picture Wall Hooks

Picture hooks are rated according to the number of pounds they will theoretically support. It is best to apply these ratings very conservatively when selecting the proper size hook to use--three to four times the weight of the picture is a practical rule of thumb.

When in doubt as to what size hook to use, select the heavier hook.

Please keep in mind that picture hook "weight ratings" or "maximum picture weight ratings" are for the hook itself, under ideal conditions. In the real world, the holding power of a hook can be significantly diminished by poor installation technique and/or the material and condition of the wall to which it is attached.

When hanging framed pictures with Picture Wire on picture hooks, using two hooks for each picture, spaced an appropriate distance apart on the wall, is a very good practice. Two hooks will keep a framed picture straighter on the wall over time and will also add additional security by distributing the weight of the picture on two hanging points instead of just one.

When using two hooks to hang a picture, space them apart on the wall at a distance roughly equal to one-third the width of the frame.


nickel-plated hooks

brass-plated hooks

Nickel-Plated Hooks, 20 lb. to 100 lb. (L-R)
Brass-Plated Hooks, 10 lb. to 75 lb. (L-R)


Our nickel-plated hooks are the framing industry standard. They work very well on drywall (sheetrock) or wood paneled walls. They do not need to be positioned at a wall stud to be effective, but the nails supplied with them will easily penetrate the wood wall studs that are behind most residential walls.

Our brass-plated hooks are an excellent choice if you have real plaster walls. The special tempered steel needlepoint nails provided with each hook will penetrate older plaster walls with less danger of cracking the plaster. These brass-plated hooks also work very well on drywall or wood walls. The heavier hook sizes have two and three nails per hook. These extra nails provide additional holding power.

Both types of picture hook can be quickly removed from most walls, leaving small, easily repairable holes.

If the backs of the frames you are hanging are not already wired, you will also need Picture Wire and Picture Hangers to complete the hanging job.



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