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Brick Hooks with Bendless Nails
Snap-On Hook for Brick Walls
Scroll Down for Specifications and Instructions

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Brick Hook, 100 lb.

Brick Hook 100


pkg of 1
brick hook 100

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $2.80 for 12-24 pkgs • $2.65 for 25-49 pkgs • $2.50 for 50 or more pkgs


Brick Hook, 50 lb.

Brick Hook 50


pkg of 2
brick hook 50

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $2.80 for 12-24 pkgs • $2.65 for 25-49 pkgs • $2.50 for 50 or more pkgs


Brick Hook, 30 lb.

Brick Hook 30


pkg of 3
brick hook 30

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $2.80 for 12-24 pkgs • $2.65 for 25-49 pkgs • $2.50 for 50 or more pkgs


1/8" Masonry Drill Bit

Masonry Bit 1/8


masonry drill bit 1/8

Qty Each:

BULK PRICING: $4.25 for 6 or more


Brick Clip® Fastener

Brick Clip


brick clip

Qty Each:

BULK PRICING: $2.80 for 12-24 • $2.65 for 25-49 • $2.50 for 50-99 • $2.35 for 100 or more



Our minimum order is $20.
You may submit an order for less, but a $5 small order fee will be added.
Prefer to order by telephone?
Phone orders accepted Mon-Fri, 10-5 (Eastern Time): 919-732-8364.
Bulk order items are not supplied individually packaged in most cases.
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Specifications: Brick Wall Picture Hooks

Brick Hook

Brick Hooks can be used on brick, concrete block and concrete walls. These hooks use heavy, virtually unbendable nails, 1" long x 1/8" diameter. All three sizes of this hook use the same size nail.

Depending on the density of the wall material, drilling 1/8" pilot holes for Brick Hook nails is usually necessary. If you don't have masonry drill bits already on hand, you can order the proper size masonry drill bit for Brick Hooks above.

On masonry walls it is preferable to nail the Brick Hook into a mortar joint if possible, rather than into the wall material itself. This is because mortar is usually softer and less likely to crack than masonry. Furthermore, if a hook needs to be removed later it is easier to repair or disguise a hole in a mortar joint than one in the masonry material itself.

The three Brick Hook sizes are designated as 100 lb., 50 lb. and 30 lb. hooks. Do not take these picture weight ratings literally. In practice the hold of the nail(s) in the wall is much more important than the weight-bearing capacity of the hook itself.


brick hook 100

brick hook 50

Brick Hook, 100 lb.
1 1/2" x 1 3/8"
Brick Hook 100 - HWR-210
Brick Hook, 50 lb.
1 1/4" x 1"
Brick Hook 50 - HWR-211


brick hook 30

masonry drill bit 1/8

Brick Hook, 30 lb.
1 1/4" x 1/2"
Brick Hook 30 - HWR-212
1/8" Masonry Drill Bit
3" x 1/8"
Masonry Bit 1/8 - MSC-121


Raised nail-guide sockets on Brick Hooks maintain the proper 45° angle when driving nails. When drilling pilot holes for Brick Hook nails, do so at this same 45° angle.

Be careful not to elongate the hole in the wall when drilling nail pilot holes. How deep to drill will depend on the wall material--softer walls may need only a shallow starter hole, harder walls may need a hole the full length of the nail.


brick hook detail 1

brick hook detail 2
50 lb. Brick Hook with Nails
Brick Hooks Size Comparison


brick hook demo 1

brick hook demo 2
30 lb. Brick Hook Installed on a Brick Wall


ALWAYS use eye protection when working with Brick Hooks or any other hardwall picture hanging product.


Brick Clip® Fastener

Brick Clip® Fasteners allow pictures or other items to be hung on a brick wall without drilling holes into the wall. They snap onto the front face of a brick, holding on at the top edge with serrated teeth and at the bottom edge with built-in spring-metal arms.

Please note that this product is only suitable for use on brick walls with recessed ("raked") mortar joints, where at least 1/4" of each brick protrudes outward beyond the mortar joints.

Brick Clip® Fasteners cannot be used on brick walls where the mortar in the mortar joints is even (flush) with the brick face.


brick clip

Brick Clip® Fastener
2 3/4" x 1 1/2"
Brick Clip - HWR-215


Please also note that this clip-on fastener will fit standard size brick only. The gap on the back side is 2 1/4" between the upper teeth and the bottom spring, plus about 1/4" of "give" on the spring. Measure the height of your bricks before ordering.

The weight limit for this product is specified by the manufacturer at 25 lbs. We recommend using two Brick Clip® Fasteners for hanging anything approaching the upper end of this weight limit.


brick clip detail 1

brick clip detail 2
Back Side View
Front Side View


brick clip demo 1

brick clip demo 2
Installed on a Brick
Underside View


Instructions: Brick Hooks

  1. If possible, nail Brick Hooks into a mortar joint rather than into the masonry itself.
  2. Mark for and drill pilot hole(s) in the wall for the Brick Hook nail(s) at a 45° downward angle using a 1/8" diameter masonry bit. Be careful not to elongate the holes while drilling.
  3. Insert the special nail(s) provided through the Brick Hook nail hole(s) and hammer the nail(s) firmly into the pilot holes in the wall.


Instructions: Brick Clip® Fasteners
  1. Use only on brick walls with "raked" mortar joints, where the front face of the bricks extends at least 1/4" out beyond the mortar joints.
  2. Snap the Brick Clip® Fastener onto a brick by first placing the lower spring arms up against the bottom edge of the brick, then pushing the clip simultaneously upward and in until the upper teeth clamp down on the top edge of the brick.
  3. If you need to use a screwdriver or other tool for additional leverage, be careful not to damage the brick.
  4. Make sure that the back side of the clip is firmly seated against the face of the brick.
  5. Use either of the two built-in hooks on the clip for hanging.
  6. When hanging heavier items, use two Brick Clip® Fasteners for added safety.



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