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Wall Hardware Options for Hard Surfaces
Hooks for Brick, Block or Concrete Walls
• Hooks with Bendless Nails for Brick & Masonry
• Anchored Hooks for Concrete, Block, Stone Walls
• Light-Duty Plastic Hooks for Hardwall Surfaces
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Brick Wall Hooks
Plastic Hooks
Anchored Hooks

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Overview: Hardwall Picture Hooks

Walls with hard surfaces (concrete, brick, stone, cinderblock) present something of a challenge for picture hanging. The most reliable method is to drill a 3/16" to 5/16" diameter hole into the wall with a masonry bit and insert a plastic or metal anchor. A screw with an attached picture hook is then inserted into the anchor and tightened down. We offer five different anchor hooks of this type.

On masonry walls it's preferable to drill into a mortar joint for anchors, if possible, rather than into the material itself. This is because the mortar is usually softer and less likely to crack. It is also easier to repair or disguise a hole in a mortar joint.

Concrete or similar smooth hardwall surfaces can be drilled into using a masonry drill bit and a reasonably powerful drill. A Concrete Screw Hook does not require an anchor at all and is an excellent choice for concrete, hollow block and some brick.

Another hardwall-specific product is the Brick Hook, which is essentially a hefty picture hook that uses a heavy-duty "bendless" nail. Depending on the wall material, it is often necessary to drill starter holes for the hook nails with a small 1/8" diameter masonry bit, but once started the nails will penetrate to some degree on their own.

If the pictures you are hanging are under 20 lbs., you may be able to use Hardwall Plastic Hooks. These come in two sizes and work very well for hanging smaller/lighter pictures on concrete block and softer concrete walls.

For your convenience, we offer masonry drill bits in five sizes. Only the special 5/32" concrete drill bit is carbide-tipped. The other sizes are standard masonry bits--fine for occasional use, but if you have a lot of holes to drill you might want to purchase a carbide masonry drill bit in the size you need. Any good hardware store will have these.

Some hardwall surfaces are probably best left alone when it comes to do-it-yourself picture hanging. Glass/mirror walls can be drilled into, but this is really a job for a glass company specialist. Similarly, marble is not a DIY project. Ceramic tile walls require very careful drilling (and usually a couple of spare tiles in reserve in case of accident) or the services of a professional tile installer.

In general, walls with hard surfaces are demanding to work with and difficult to repair if something goes wrong. Carefully plan out ahead of time what you are going to do and be mindful that holes in hardwall materials are more or less permanent.

ALWAYS wear eye protection when drilling in, hammering on or otherwise working with hardwall walls.

For standard picture hooks for use on drywall, go to this page.


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