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Self-Stick Foamboard Plastic Hangers
Hang Any Type of Lightweight Board
Scroll Down for Specifications and Instructions

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Foamboard Zig-Zag Plastic Hanger

Zig-Zag Hanger


pkg of 4
zig-zag plastic hanger

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $1.76 for 25-49 pkgs • $1.67 for 50-99 pkgs • $1.58 for 100 or more pkgs


Foamboard Economy Plastic Hanger

Econ Plastic Hanger


pkg of 4
economy plastic hanger

Qty Pkgs:

BULK PRICING: $.72 for 25-49 pkgs • $.68 for 50-99 pkgs • $.64 for 100 or more pkgs



Our minimum order is $20.
You may submit an order for less, but a $5 small order fee will be added.
Prefer to order by telephone?
Phone orders accepted Mon-Fri, 10-5 (Eastern Time): 919-732-8364.
Bulk order items are not supplied individually packaged in most cases.
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Specifications: Foamboard Plastic Hangers

Foamboard plastic hangers are designed to hang posters or similar items that have been mounted on foamboard (foamcore board") or similar lightweight smooth-surface backing board but are not framed. We offer two types of foamboard plastic hangers that attach to the back side of the backing board and allow you to display the mounted poster on your wall "as is."

Foamboard plastic hangers are light-duty hangers. Do not use them to hang anything weighing over 1 lb. (one hanger) to 2 lbs. (two hangers).


zig-zag plastic hanger

economy plastic hanger

Foamboard Zig-Zag Plastic Hanger
2 1/2" x 1 7/8" x .04" thick
Zig-Zag Hanger - HWR-108
Foamboard Economy Plastic Hanger
2" x 2" x .02" thick
Econ Plastic Hanger - HWR-3342


Zig-Zag hangers are made of high-density plastic with a pressure sensitive foam-backed adhesive on one side. The plastic used to make the Zig-Zag hanger is twice as thick as other foamboard hangers of this type and the foam-backed adhesive grips the smooth surface of foamboard tenaciously.

Economy plastic hangers are made of a thinner plastic material (.02" versus .04" for the Zig-Zag) and the adhesive is not the foam-backed type as on the Zig-Zag.

Economy hangers are suitable for very light items or items that will be hung only temporarily.

With both types of plastic hanger you simply peel off the adhesive release paper and stick the hangers to the back side of the board. After the hanger has been attached, you bend the top unattached section back slightly to hang the artwork on a Picture Hook.


zig-zag plastic hanger backing

economy plastic hanger backing
Zig-Zag Hanger Adhesive Backing
Economy Hanger Adhesive Backing


Foamboard plastic hangers can be mounted at the top edge of the board, where they will show, or further down where they will be hidden from sight. In either case, unless what you are hanging is very small, it is best to use two hangers so the artwork will remain level after hanging.


zig-zag plastic hanger detail

Zig-Zag Hanger Mounted at Foamboard Top Edge


Please Note

Unless what you are hanging is very light or the installation temporary, we recommend using the more durable Zig-Zag hanger.

Do not use wire in combination with foamboard plastic hangers. Picture wire can gradually slice through the plastic over time. If you want to use wire to hang foamboard, pair it with one of our Foamboard Metal Hangers.

For the same reason, use Picture Hooks, not nails, with foamboard plastic hangers (nails plus gravity can gradually cut through plastic hangers).

Do not use either hanger to hang anything weighing over 1 lb (one hanger) to 2 lbs (two hangers). These are light-duty hangers.

The adhesive strength of plastic hangers will improve if the bond is allowed to age 24-48 hours before hanging.

Use care when removing a plastic hanger so as not to tear away any more substrate material than necessary. Do not attempt to reuse either type of hanger after removing--they are intended for one-time use only.


Instructions: Foamboard Plastic Hangers

  1. Decide on and mark for the position of the hanger(s). Once pressed in place, plastic foamboard hangers cannot be repositioned or removed without damaging the substrate.
  2. Be sure the surface of what you are hanging is clean, dry and free from grease or oil.
  3. Peel off the adhesive release paper from the hanger. Do not touch the adhesive surface with your fingers.
  4. Stick the hanger down firmly and rub on well.
  5. Bend the upper portion of the hanger back slightly to hang.
  6. Adhesive strength will improve if the bond is allowed to age at least 24 hours before hanging.
  7. Hang on the wall using Picture Hooks, not nails.



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